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Attendance Warning Letter

All children deserve the best possible start in life and access to the same opportunities. To achieve this we expect our children to attend school every day and on time. Our children are eager to get started on a morning and we are proud of how our pupils view the importance of attendance. In school we use a traffic light system to promote excellent attendance.

• Green – 99% and above
• Yellow – 99%– 97%
• Orange – 97% – 95%
• Red below 95%

If your child is ill you will need to notify school using the contact details below. Please note absences can only be authorised by school. If you do not notify school you will be contacted by telephone. If there is still no contact made then your child’s absence will be unauthorised. Please be aware that 5 days unauthorised absence can activate the start of procedures for a penalty notice.
Attendance below 85% is persistent absence and legal action will commence.


Head teachers are not permitted to authorise holidays during term time as this is very disruptive and will impact upon your child’s education and development. Children are only in school for 39 weeks out of the year!



Every half term children who achieve above 97% receive a certificate for attendance.


How can you support your child’s attendance?
• Bring your child to school every day and on time.
• Talk to your child about school and what they have done that day. They are more likely to enjoy school if you do.
• If you have any concerns speak to your child’s class teacher. Or pop into see one of the Mentors, they will be only too happy to help.

Did you know that if your child is 10 minutes late for school every day, this is the equivalent to almost a full day missed every half term?  Ensure your alarm clock is set and children are in school on time. Most children arrive at school feeling distressed when they arrive late as it has disrupted their routine.


Doors open at 8.45am and close at 9am after this time your child will receive a late mark.
Make sure your child has a calm start to the day and are not feeling rushed and confused.






To report an absence

Text messages only:  07926389946

(Please do not call or leave voice messages on this number)


Absence calls and voicemail messages:
0113 2717206 Option 1



Start of the school day

School has an early bird start at 8.35am
School officially starts at 8.45am when the bell rings.
Gates will be locked at 8.55am. All pupils arriving after this time should enter school via the main school office.