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London January 2017

London January 2017 1
London January 2017 2
London January 2017 3

Christingle Service December 2016

Christingle Service December 2016 1
Christingle Service December 2016 2
Christingle Service December 2016 3
Christingle Service December 2016 4
Christingle Service December 2016 5
Christingle Service December 2016 6
Christingle Service December 2016 7

3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care

3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 1
3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 2
3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 3
3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 4
3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 5
3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 6
3 Children went to Iceland to help shop for the Summer fair, this was paid for by the Coop Funeral Care 7

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 1
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 2
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 3
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 4
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 5
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 6
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 7
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 8
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 9
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 10
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 11
Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic 12

Robinwood Day 2


Today Ridge and Forest began the day caving, we learnt about how cave are formed as well as the creatures that live in them. We played some games that challenged us. Afterwards we experienced the G-force of the giant swing, we had a screaming competition and really enjoyed it!!! After lunch we worked as a team to complete the obstacle course and then survived the challenge of the Piranaha Pool, thankfully no one lost any toes or fingers!! We worked as a team to create the highest tower using crates, then we experienced climbing.

Mountain and Crag had a fantastic day started the day on the giant swing, after they worked as team leading their team across an obstacle course blind folded. They had to use their other senses to successfully get across, trying to avoid the famous Robinwood squirrels. After lunch they survived the Piranha pool. They were brave flying through the air on the zipwire, followed by developing their archery skills. After dinner they worked together to build a tall crate on the crate challenge. We are looking forward to our last day tomorrow!!

Robin Wood Day 1


We arrived safely at the castle, after a enormous walk from the coach park. Once we had lunch and dropped our bags into our dorms, we were ready to embark on the thrilling activities.

Ridge and Forest groups started the day with Canoeing and Dungeon of Doom. We had to work together as a team to solve challenges to escape the dungeons. We conquered our fears by climbing and taking the leap of faith on the Trapeze. Crag and Mountain groups experienced caving and canoeing. We also faced our fears by completing the Trapeze too. We also challenged ourselves through a knights quest. Take a look at our photo's. 




Year 6 London Residential 2015


From the 14th -16th January 44 children from Year 6 spent 3 days and 2 nights on a residential in London. Oh what fun we had! For some it was the first time visiting our capital city so was a magical experience. For others we went to places they had never seen before! The children were really well behaved and represented our school brilliantly. Churchill War Rooms said we were the best school they had ever had in the museum!

We crammed in so much over the 3 days that we were all exhausted by 6pm on Friday. The teachers have already started planning next years trip though!

Robin Wood


Day two of Robin Wood started with a home cooked full English breakfast.

Avalanche and Stream began the morning completing the exciting zip wire, we then worked together as a team to solving puzzles to the Quest and Dungeon of Doom. Today these groups completed the famous piranha pool combating our fears and surviving the piranha's. We also developed our climbing by climbing and learnt how important our senses are on Night line. 

Waterfall and Spring began the morning conquering our heights with the Trapeze, we then tested our team working and communication skills by competing Quest. Afterwards we completed the obstacle course followed by caving. 


Today we challenged ourselves and overcame many fears, we were more confident about working as a team and giving activities a go. We finished the evening altogether with a team challenge and hot chocolates.


Tomorrow is our last day, we will be going canoeing, completing the trapeze and obstacle course. 

Robin Wood 


We arrived in arctic conditions and hiked the famous Robin Wood hill. After settling into our rooms and grabbing a quick bit to eat we begun our adventure. 

Avalanche and Stream group began with caving followed by archery, after lunch we bravely swung the giant swing and developed our team building with the crate challenge. There was even a screaming competition on the giant swing!

Waterfall and Spring group began with archery and the dungeon of doom, after lunch we courageously climbed the climbing wall and conquered our fears in the piranha pool. Thankfully no one lost any limbs to the piranha's.




On Wednesday 17th September Year 4 were lucky enough to be visited by Premier Nutrition, an agriculture company. 
Emma, Michelle and Anna held workshops that supported our understanding and knowledge of where our food comes from. 

At Anna's station we learnt about what ingredients went into animal feed. We learnt that animals need a balanced diet as well as humans. We then got to have a go at making a feed, using a recipe and mixing with our hands. With Emma we learnt what types of food come from cows, chickens and pigs. We got to sort through pictures of animals, factories and food. We learnt that there are two different types of cow; the brown cows are where our meat comes from and the black and white cows are where milk comes from. With Michelle we investigated where different ingredients come from around the world. We were surprised at how far some ingredients travelled. 

The Mighty Zulu Nation


On Wednesday 7th May Middleton St. Mary's were lucky enough to be visited by The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company; and what a day we had! This was organised to support Year 5 in their topic about Tribal Life. The day kicked off with a performance for KS2 by the Zulu Nation performers; their jaw dropping dancing and amazing voices had us grinning from ear to ear.


Then Year 5 spent the rest of the day working with the Zulu's sketching their fantastic artefacts and traditional costumes. We then learnt to a traditional Zulu dance routine followed by a Zulu song. The day was rounded off with a whole school performance were Year 5 were able to showcase their work with the Zulu's, many Year 5 parents joined us to see the fantastic learning Year 5 have been doing.


The noise in the hall was deafening as pupils cheered, clapped and stomped along with the Zulu performers. It is safe to say this was a day no one would forget in a hurry! Check out the pictures and videos of the children AND teachers dancing!


This amazing day had the whole school buzzing with excitement!

The Mighty Zulu Nation

Still image for this video

The Mighty Zulu Nation

Still image for this video
KS2 girls give Zulu dancing a try.

The Mighty Zulu Nation

Still image for this video
KS2 boys give Zulu dancing a try


Year 6 Level 6 Maths


This term our children aiming for a Level 6 in maths have had the opportunity to work with Peter Thurlowe who is a maths consultant from Children Leeds.

Mr Thurlowe gave the Year 6 children some very difficult challenges that made their brains hurt but there was certainly lots of fun ad by them all. (The challenges even stumped Miss Askew and Mrs Marston a little at first!)

The photos look like they contain quite easy calculations but they were used to solve algebraic equations and sequences.

Year 6 Level 6 Maths


Easter Service 2014


Our annual Easter service was again very successful this year with all the children sharing their learning and singing beautifully. This year, each class created a picture to show their part of the Easter story. These pictures were then put together in church to create a cross which is now hanging in St Marys Church. Thank you to all parents, carers and friends that attended to celebrate with us. It was a little cramped but we still had a lovely time celebrating one of the most important festivals on the Christian calendar. We hope you all had a fabulous Easter!

Easter Service 2014

Year Three trip to Chester Zoo

Key Stage 2 Christmas Carol Concert


On Tuesday 17th December 2013, KS2 performed their annual Christmas Carol Service at St Mary's Church. As usual the children were well behaved and sang beautifully.

This year we included some new songs we have recently learnt which the children enjoyed performing. Each class produced a piece of artwork to represent a different part of the Nativity story. Well done to our stable scene cast and the children that read during the service.

We hope the service got you in the festive mood!

Robin Wood Day 2


We have had an exciting and challenging day today. All groups have thoroughly enjoyed everything Robin Wood has thrown at them and we have been impressed that everybody has given everything a go.


Each group faced the Piranha pool today where we had to work as a team to solve puzzles to escape. We all encouraged and supported one another to get across the pool with our fingers and toes intact. Some children were extremely brave and proud of what they achieved.


Everybody experienced the effects of G-Force in the Giant Swing. Working together the children helped one another reach the height they wanted, then we sang a great song and the children released themselves swinging fantastically, with some cheesy grins.


Ridge group have been caving, they manoeuvred themselves through small caves and even helped with a rescue activity. Later, Ridge group had to work as a team in the Crate Challenge by trying to build the tallest tower without wobbling off.


Crag group reached for the sky again whilst on the zip wire, many children supported one another and enjoyed the thrill of going on the zip wire. Later we developed our communication skills and team spirit in the Night-Line activity. After aimed for bulls eye in archery.


Mountain group developed their communication skills and supported on another in the Night-Line activity helping one another round the course blindfolded.


Finishing the evening off we all came together for team challenge. We had to work together in our teams to answer trivial questions; we even had to see who could build the highest tower with plastic cups. There was excellent team spirit and we were all winners at the end of the day.


Take a look at our photographs of the day.

Greetings from Mountain Group!


In Mountain group is Shayla, Briana, Leticia, Bethany, Sally, Harley, Jason, Kieran, Riley and Miss Cripps, our fantastic group leader is Carly.  So far, we have had a jam-packed timetable and we have loved every moment!  When we arrived, we first had a mammoth climb up a mountainside to reach Dobroyd Castle,  thankfully, lunch was waiting for us!  Our first activity was canoeing, which we loved, but sadly, Crag Group beat us at canoe football…


Later, we tested our resilience and puzzle solving skills in the Quest challenge, where we were divided into teams to solve riddles and physical challenges to become knights of Dobroyd Castle!  After that came the trapeze challenge, which was almost too much for some of us, it really takes nerves of steel to jump for the bar after climbing so high, but we supported one another to set ourselves challenging goals and to reach them.  Before our evening meal, we enjoyed our caving session.  The last activity of the first day was the Crate Challenge, where we plotted strategies for building the tallest tower of crates in the shortest time (while standing on them), then tested our theories. Our day was rounded off by a team meeting with a well needed hot chocolate.


On Tuesday, we experienced the effects of G-Force in the Giant Swing and developed our communication skills and team spirit in the Night-Line activity, before risking our fingers and toes to the piranhas in Piranha Pool (not really!) We hope you enjoy our photos so far!

First day for Ridge Group


Ridge Group had a fantastic first day, the group has Sam, Ben, Katheryne, Feebee, Nerice, Kenzie, Oliver, Amy, Robert and Jack in it. We started the day off with Night Line which was an activity where our group were all blindfolded and had to lead one another round the obstacle course. They successfully communicated with one another and worked as a team. They had to be careful of the pesky squirrels that were out on the course.


We then went canoeing which was great fun, thankfully nobody fell in. After the group worked as a team to solve problems and escape from the dungeons. This was followed by launched ourselves off the trapeze. It was very impressive that everyone had a go; some were very brave and jumped off the trapeze. After much encouragement from everybody Amy, Katheryne and Miss Bradford jumped off the trapeze. After a lovely warm dinner we went climbing, Feebee really challenged herself in reaching a high target.


Ridge group have supported one another in encouraging each other to have a go on all the activities. Feebee was star of the day for conquering her fears and giving every activity a go.

Take a look at some of the photographs we took.









Hello From Robinwood!


We are having a brilliant time already and the children have already made the teachers so proud!

Crag group has Emmanuella, Eloise, Gloire, Rhianna, Callum,Zak, Asher, Jack, Pawel, Mrs Gordon and Mr Routledge. Our group leader is Matt.


After our mammoth trek up the mountain to the castle (it's just like Hogwarts), we had a hearty lunch to give us fuel for our first activity; canoeing. We were all very enthusiastic  and happily, we won Mountain group in a game of canoe football!


Next up was the Quest challenge, where children pitted thier wits and their muscles against a series of riddles and challenges.  They learned teamwork, resilience, leadership and listening skills to name just a few things.


Later on, the children's courage was tested with the trapeze, caving and the crate challenge.  Children really did themselves proud and pushed them selves to achieve.


The children rounded off the day with cocoa and nominated Callumas the star of the day for his tremendous courage in the trapeze challenge and the way he has supported other teammembers.  Zak came a close second for his excellent leadership skills.


Have a look at just a few of the (many) photos we have taken!



Year 4 Joseph Trip!


As part of our Egyptians topic, Year 4 have learned about the story of Joseph and his Dream Coat.  We performed lots of drama and role play ourselves, before writing our own interpretation of the story.  In order to enrich our learning, we went to see a production of Joseph at the Alhambra theatre. 


We all had an excellent time and several members of the public commented on our excellent behaviour Sadly, we weren't allowed to take any photos during the performance, but here's some of before and after the performance, and during the interval.

Think, stop, look, listen! Year 4 Road Safety

Birch Class Loves Gymnastics!


Look at the fantastic balances we tried today! cheeky

Birch Class Love Shape!


Birch class have had a great time investigating shape and learning through shape games.

The Snow Queen came to St Mary's!


Quantum Theatre visited St Mary's today to perform their version of 'The Snow Queen', a dramatic, wintry tale of friendship and struggle through adversity.  The children really enjoyed watching, so a big thank you to PaT for raising the funds to pay for this experience, and to Mrs McLane who organised it.

Year 3 Trip to Temple Newsam House - Tudor topic

Year 5's trip to Middleton Park to explore the plantlife and design a Mosaic for the park entrance

On Wednesday 13th November, Poplar and Cherry class were invited to Middleton Park to take part in a competition to design a Mosaic for the park entrance. When We first arrived at the park we were greeted by 3 members of staff who were to show us around the park. We were told our focus was to look at woodland life which would influence our mosaic designs.


After a long and refreshing walk around the park, with spectacular views of the city, we returned to the park centre where the children designed their own mosaic. As we left, there was many amazing pieces of work produced making for a difficult decision as to which final design will be chosen.


The final design will be displayed outside the park entrance when complete!

Year 5 have been making t-shirts in DT and put on a fashion show to show off their handy work!

In Autumn 1 Year 5's Design Technology topic was about 'Make Do and Mend' relating to our topic on World War 2. The children worked extremely hard to research t-shirt designs and design their own t-shirt to make. Then came the hard bit! The children worked extremely hard to cut out and sew different pieces of fabric to their t-shirt to create their final design.


After many long hours, they were complete! To celebrate our hard work the children took to the catwalk to show off their designs.


Look how well they have done!

Year 5 have been cooking parsnip soup

After weeks of excitement, on Friday 22nd November Year ventured out to Eden Camp to support our learning about World War 2. After the long journey we split into groups to go and explore the different huts. In the huts was a different aspect of World War 2 ranging from 'Before the War', 'The Blitz', 'Evacuation', 'The Blackout' and we even enjoyed a World War 2 puppet show in the Music Hall.


This really helped us in our learning and the children had a brilliant day! There were a few sleepy children on the way home!

Welcome to the gallery!  Please feel free to browse the children's learning.

Year 4 Enterprise: Cinema Day