Middleton St Mary's CE (VC) Primary School

Believe, belong, achieve

Moor Flatts Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 3SW

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We encourage children to develop skills to communicate effectively through spoken language and writing, to listen with understanding, and to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable readers. We recognise English as an important core subject and as a pre-requisite for educational and social progress.

We aim to provide an environment which promotes language development, which is stimulating and characterised by high expectations of success for every child. To ensure all children reach their full potential in English, their individual needs and abilities are recognised and developed in a caring and supportive environment, in partnership with parents.


Once children have gained the mechanics of writing, we introduce our non-negotiables to them. Each year group/phase has a list of non-negotiables which are taken from the National Curriculum and have been rephrased into child-speak.  Non-negotiables are key areas which must be used correctly in order for writing to be accurate. Once the non-negotiable has been taught, it is displayed on the English working wall and referred to. We re-cap the non-negotiables from the previous year group at the start of each year.

Children working towards or working at the expected standard for their age will be expected to demonstrate all of the non-negotiables on display at all times. Pupils working below the expected standard are expected to use the non-negotiables for the age that they are working at and do this at all times.

You can view our non-negotiables on each year group's page!


We aim to widen children’s vocabulary by teaching the meaning of new words each week.  Teachers choose between 5 and 10 ‘tier two’ words.  We call these our Goldilocks Words as ‘they’re not too hard, not too easy, they’re just right’. Teachers plan short activities which immerse children in rich vocabulary.

Our Writing Process

At Middleton St Mary’s, we follow a writing process which allows children to analyse and explore the feature of a text type before moving on to learning the skills required to create their own text and finally develop their ability to independently create an edited piece of writing.

Children are expected to ‘write’ daily, taking pride in everything they write.