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Year 1 Knowledge Organisers

Science Summer Term-Plants

We will continue to investigate different types of plants and begin to look at parts of a tree. We will learn about deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Can your child name a deciduous tree?

History Summer Term- What was life like when our Grandparents were young?

This half term we are looking at what life was like for our grandparents. We will also be able to find out what was different for children in the past. What kind of questions would your child ask their grandparents or any older people in their lives?

Science Summer Term- Plants

This half term, we will be investigating and identifying the different parts of a plant. We will be looking at the plants that we may see growing around us and the things they need to grow. What plants can you see when you go for a walk?

History Summer Term - Who were Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks?

This half term, we will be investigating two very important people who are a part of our local history. Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks created Marks and Spencer's in Leeds Market in 1884 and it grew to be the successful chain we all know!

Science Spring Term- Seasonal Changes

Our topic this half term is all about the seasons. We will build on our learning from Reception to look at what happens during each of the four seasons and the kinds of insects and animals we might see.

History Spring Term- Why does Middleton have a railway?

Did you know that our very own Middleton Park used to be full of coal mines? It also has a working steam railway that you can visit- but why? We will finding out more about this important part of our local history.

Science Spring Term- Everyday Materials

What can you see around you that is made out of wood? Can you find anything made out of glass? This half term we will be exploring the materials used in our everyday lives and trying to work out why they have been used. The 'sticky learning' in this half term will be built on in future science lessons!

History Spring Term- Where can we travel?

We are going to be investigating cities, villages and towns this half term. We are also going to looking at maps and weather symbols and beginning to look at the different seasons. Have a look at maps at home. What do the symbols mean? Can you watch a weather forecast and talk about what the symbols are?

Science Autumn Term- All About Animals

In this topic, we will be finding out about different types of animals such as a herbivore or an omnivore. We will be sorting animals in to different categories such as reptiles, mammals, fish and birds. Can you think of some mammals?

Geography Autumn Term- Where is Antarctica?

This half term we will have a look at the physical and human features of Middleton and the features of East Antarctica. We will also be looking at the North and South Pole and learning the names of some of the continents. Can you test your child on these 'sticky learning facts?'

Science Autumn Term- Do we know the parts of our body?

In our science this half term, we will be naming and labeling body parts and finding out about the five senses.

Geography Autumn Term- Where do I live?

In our first geography topic, we will focus on Middleton and the human and physical geography of our local area. We will also be learning 'sticky learning facts' about the United Kingdom. Ask children if they can remember the four countries of the UK!