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Year 3 Learning


We looked at how different surfaces affect how far a toy car would travel. We conducted a comparative test to see this. We found that the toy car travelled the furthest on plastic and the shortest distance on bubble wrap.

History Summer 1- The Stone Age

In History, we have started looking at life in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age. We have been learning about what life was like and considering how we know about the Stone Age today from the evidence left behind.

Black History

To celebrate Black History week, Year 3 have entered into many discussions exploring what Black History month is and why it is so important to have a month dedicated to black history celebrations. As a year group, we studied influential black figures and the significant part they have played on life today. We have explored the impact of black musicians and artists, celebrating the magnitude of talent and splendour. We then created artistic pieces based on the style of Lois Mailou Jones. Have a look at our incredible work! Could you make some of your own pieces at home?


Holly presented her English work very neatly and showed she had applied her learning.

Place Value and Number

Year 3 used base 10 to help consolidate their understanding of 2 digit numbers before moving on to 3 digit numbers. Practical resources help us to understand numbers and build up our confidence.