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Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

Science Summer Term- Plants

Building on they knowledge from Year 2, this term is a longer unit in which children will learn about more parts of a plant such as the flower and more about plant life cycles. Ask your child the 4 different ways in which seeds are dispersed!

History Summer Term- From the Stone Age to the Iron Age

This term we will be investigating how the lives of the Ancient Britons changed. Ask your child what they know about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. This is a longer unit so we will have lots of sticky facts to remember!

Science Spring Term- Light

This half term, we will be finding out what light is and how it helps us to see. We will also be finding out about darkness and how shadows are formed. Ask children to use the key vocabulary below such as translucent and opaque to talk about materials and objects around the house.

Geography Spring Term- Why has my local park changed?

In this topic, we will revisit the 'sticky learning facts' from Year 2 about eh four countries of the United Kingdom. This will help us to identify Middleton on a map of the UK and explore how Middleton Park has changed over time.

Science Spring Term- Forces and Magnets

In our science this half term we will be looking at what a force is and which surfaces provide more or less friction. We are going to be investigating magnets and how they attract and repel each other.

History Spring Term- Time Travellers- The Egyptians

Our history this half term is all about the Ancient Egyptians. We will be finding out who the Egyptians were, where they lived and how important the river Nile was to them. Try testing your child on some of the sticky learning facts below. What can they remember and explain?

Science Autumn Term- Rocks

Did you know there are different types of rocks and they are formed in different ways? This half term we will be finding out about the different types of rocks and their properties- following on from our 'sticky learning facts' about properties of materials in Year 2.

Geography Autumn Term- What a Wild World- Earthquakes

What actually happens during an earthquake? In Year 3 children will be finding out about earthquakes and volcanoes and where they are more likely to happen.