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Year 4 Learning

Maths across the Spring Term

This term, Year 4 have developed their understanding of fractions. We have focused our learning and understanding on how to find fractions of amounts. We have also challenged ourselves to find equivalent fractions using our growing knowledge of our times tables! Ask you child how to find a half, quarter, eighth or third of an amount. Challenge them to recall equivalent fractions to a half and a quarter. Can they impress you with their mathematical explanations of numerators and denominators? 

Science- Human including animals  

This half term, Year 4 have enjoyed studying the human digestive system. We have explored the different parts of the digestive system and their functions. We have also studied the scientific vocabulary required to form thorough explanations and used them to confidently in our science work. Ask your child if they can recall their knowledge of the digestive system! 

English- Narrative

Whilst learning about the Vikings, Year 4 have started to read 'How To Train Your Dragon'. We have loved losing ourselves in the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III; we have enjoyed it that much, we have written our own action stories. Can you sense the tension and excitement in our writing? Can you spot the fantastic and ambitious vocabulary within our developing expanded noun phrases? Challenge your child to write a sequel to their story at home!

History - The Vikings

This half term, Year 4 have loved studying the Vikings. We explored secondary evidence to understand the motives behind the Vikings raids on Britain- in particularly the invasion of the monastery at Lindisfarne. We then formalised our findings in a newspaper report. Can you find the significant events which encouraged the Vikings to raid the island? Ask your child if the can compare this historical event to others that they know?

English- Newspaper Report

During the Autumn term, whilst learning about the Romans, Year 4 researched Mount Vesuvius and the effects the 79AD explosion had on Pompeii. We transferred our history knowledge into our English lessons and wrote about our own Volcanic eruption! Have a look at our confident use of conjunctions and adverbials. We have really been challenging our grammatical structures and vocabulary choices!