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Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Summer 1- Megacities 

This half term, Year 4 will be using maps and atlases and developing their skills in Geography. They will expand on their knowledge of settlements to include megacities. One of the megacities they will investigate is New York city. They will explore how it developed from a small settlement to one of the most famous and largest cities in the world.

History Spring 1 and 2- The Vikings

In this topic, Year 4 will be finding out why the Vikings came to Britain. They will also be looking at the evidence that the Vikings left behind which tells us so much about their way of life.

History Autumn 1 and 2- The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Year 4 will be discovering what Britain was like before the Romans came and how the Romans changed Britain. Building on their Year 3 learning, they will compare the Roman Empire with the Egyptian Empire. Can your child name three ways that Britain changed after the Romans arrived?