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Year 4 Knowledge Organisers

Science Summer Term- Habitats and dangers to living things

We are building on our work on habitats and exploring the dangers to living things. Some of the dangers are natural but many are man made. This also links to our learning in Geography this half term.

Geography Summer Term- Planet Protectors

This is a topic that is often in the news and will link to learning in Year 5. How can we live sustainably? Sustainability looks at ways of making sure that resources last a very long time or even forever. Why do you think this is important?

Science Summer Term-Living things and their habitats

This half term we will be revisiting prior learning about habitats and minibeasts. We will be identifying and classifying different types of living things. Can your child explain the difference between an vertebrate and an invertebrate?

Geography Summer Term-Megacities

What do you think a megacity might be? This half term, we will be looking at large cities and building on our knowledge or human and physical features of different places. We will be using maps to look at the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and to learn 'sticky learning facts' about the equator and time zones.

Science Spring Term- Animals including humans

What happens to your food after the first bite? This half term children will be learning about more body parts and particularly the parts of the digestive system. Ask your child if they can remember 'sticky learning facts' about the different types of teeth they might have.

Geography Spring Term- Scandinavia

Following on from our learning about the Vikings, we will be looking at Scandinavia in more detail. This will also help us to apply our knowledge of the UK and Europe. Can your child name some of the capital cities of Europe and where they are located?

Science Spring Term- Sound

Have you ever wondered how you hear sounds? This half term, Year 3 will be finding out about how sounds are created and how they travel to your ear. Ask your child if they can tell you about the different parts of the ear.

History Spring Term- The Vikings

Who were the Vikings and what do they have to do with British History? This half term we will be investigating primary and secondary sources about the Vikings. Can your child explain the difference between primary and secondary sources?

Science Autumn Term-States of Matter

Building on their prior learning about materials, this half term children will be finding out more about the three states of matter-solids, liquids and gases. They will explore how materials can change between these states and different stages of the water cycle.

History Autumn Term-Pompeii

Continuing our learning about the Romans last half term, we will now look at the Roman city of Pompeii. We will explore what we know about it today from archaeological evidence. What can your child tell you about Pompeii and how do we know about it?

Science Autumn Term- Electricity

Where do we get our electricity from? Which materials conduct electricity and which ones don't? We will be spending lots of lessons this half term investigating what circuits need to work and how to make bulbs in a circuit brighter or dimmer. Can your child use the key vocabulary below to explain what they know?

History Autumn Term- I am Warrior!

In our first history topic, we will be looking at who the Romans were, why they had such a powerful empire and why they invaded Britain. We will find out what Britain was like before the Romans came along and how they changed the places they invaded.