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Year 5 Learning

Science- Classification

Children have collaboratively sorted vertebrates (have a backbone) and invertebrates (don’t have a backbone).

Independently, children have then classified vertebrates into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish based on the shared characteristics these groups have.  They have used their prior knowledge and research skills to draw conclusions about why animals fit into a particular group.

Children then used the same prior knowledge and skills to classify invertebrates into annelids (worms), molluscs (snails and slugs), arachnids (spiders), crustaceans and insects.

Writing in Y5
During the first two weeks, Year 5 have been developing their basic writing skills. We have focused our learning on how to use capital letters, full stops and a range of conjunctions in sentences to join our ideas together. Can your child impress you with their knowledge of co-ordinating conjunctions and proper nouns?