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Year 5 Photos

Spring Term-Our trip to the Discovery Centre

As part of our amazing topic about Ancient Egypt, we went to visit the fantastic Discovery Centre. The children had a great morning seeing Egyptian artifacts and spending time in their warehouse. Our children were fantastic and a credit to our school. Well done, Year 5!

Spring Term - Science investigations

As part of our Science topic this term, we investigated a range of forces. We answered the question "will the size of a parachute affect the rate of descent?" by creating a parachute and timing how long it took to reach the floor. We took our readings 3 times and found an average to make sure our findings were accurate. We also investigated upthrust by thinking about what shape we would need to be to float in a pool.

Autumn Term - Climate Change Art

As part of our topic on climate change, we used blending techniques to create our own climate change art just like artist Jill Pelto. First, we learned how to blend two colours together. Then, we used our sketch pencils to draw trees over the top of our blended scene. I am sure Jill would have been proud with our finished results!

Autumn Term - Our Space Investigation

As part of our Space topic in Science, we made a to-scale model of our solar system. We used different sized spherical items to represent the Planets and measured out the distances between them using data we had researched.

Autumn term - RE Journey

Year 5 had the opportunity to go on a special journey of reflection this half term. They completed a range of peaceful activities around the theme of forgiveness.