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Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

Science Summer Term-Animals including Humans

We will be building on our learning about the different stages of life that we explored in Key Stage 1. We will also learn about the things that help us to develop and how the human body changes at different stages of life.

History Summer Term-Anglo Saxons

Who were the Anglo-Saxons, how did they live and where do they fit in to British History? We will investigate what historians know about the Anglo-Saxons through discoveries by archaeologists and exploring primary and secondary evidence.

Science Summer Term- Life Cycles

We will be revisiting and linking some of the learning we have been doing in previous year groups about life cycles. We will look at life cycles for plants, animals and other life processes.

History Summer Term-Local History Study

Our local area is a rich source of history! What 'sticky learning facts' does your child remember about Middleton. How have places like Middleton and Leeds changed over time and why have they changed so much?

Science Spring Term-States of Matter

This half term, we will be looking at states of matter and learning about reversible and irreversible change. Ask your child to give you an example of each type of change and what they might have done in school to find this out.

Geography Spring Term- Rivers

Can your child name 5 of the most famous rivers in the world? This half term we will be looking at some very well-known rivers and the key features of a river. We will also be revisiting the 8 points of the compass which are our 'sticky learning facts.'

Science Spring Term- States of Matter

This half term we will be building on our previous learning about materials we use in our daily lives. We will be learning more vocabulary linked to these materials and investigating hardness, flexibility and electrical conductivity.

Science Autumn Term- Forces

This half term, our focus is on forces. Ask your child if they can remember what a force is. Can they give any examples? We will be investigating and exploring friction, resistance and gravity and carrying out lots of our own tests.

Geography Autumn Term-Survival

We will be continuing to look at survival this half term. This time our focus is on climate change- a topic which we are sure the children will be really interested in. Ask your children what has caused climate change and what the effects of global warming are.

Science Autumn Term- Earth and Space

Can your child name the planets of our solar system? Can they name them in order? This half term, our fascinating topic is about our very own planet earth. We will also learn about the sun and the moon and why they appear to move and change in the sky.

Geography Autumn Term-Survival

For the whole of our Autumn term, our Geography topic is called 'Survival.' We will be learning about mountains and what it's like at the summit. We will also learn about Mount Everest as well as Mount Snowden in the United Kingdom.