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Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Science Summer Term-Animals including Humans- The impact of diet, exercise and drugs on the way our bodies function

This half term we will be looking at the importance of healthy habits and healthy lifestyles. We will look at how food and exercise effect our bodies and the negative impact alcohol and smoking can have on our bodies.

Science Summer Term- Animals including humans-the circulatory system

What is the circulatory system and why is it so important? This half term we will be finding out that answer to that question as well as investigating the role of nutrients. Ask your child if they can explain what blood is made up of.

History Summer Term- Ancient Greece: The Trojan Horse

This half term, we will be investigating why Ancient Greece is so important to us today. We will also be looking at the story of the Trojan Horse and deciding whether or not we think it was a real event or just an interesting legend. Can your child tell you the story of the Trojan Horse?

Science Spring Term- Evolution and Inheritance

Can your child use some of the key vocabulary below in a sentence? What can they tell you about fossils and evolution? Our learning this half term will also include 'sticky learning facts' about important scientists such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

Geography Spring Term-Fair Trade: Is Fair Trade really fair?

This half term, we will be exploring the meaning of trade, imports and exports. Ask your child if they can explain what these key words mean. We will also be looking at what Britain exports to other countries as well as finding out what 'fair trade' is.

Science Spring Term- Living Things and their Habitats

This half term, we will be building on our prior learning about living things and habitats. We will be using much more sophisticated scientific vocabulary to classify living things. We will also be finding out the work of Carl Linnaeus and how he simplified how we name living things.

History Spring Term- Ancient Maya

When did the ancient Maya live? We will be investigating who they are, when they lived, what they invented and what they are remembered for. We will also be comparing this to what life was like in Britain at this time.

Science Autumn Term- Electricity

Can you ask your child to explain what current is? What is voltage? This half term, children will be re-visiting electricity and finding out more about how circuits work and the symbols used to represent parts of a circuit.

Geography Autumn Term-Britain's National Parks

There are some beautiful areas in Britain known as National Parks. In this topic, we will find out where the National Parks are and why they are so important to us. Ask your child if they can name some of the National Parks. Can they find them on a map of the United Kingdom?

Science Autumn Term- Light

How can we see objects? In this topic, we will explore what light is and how it travels and it's important role in helping us to see. Can your child explain what a shadow is and how to change the size of shadow?

History Autumn Term- Britain at War

Our first history topic in Year 6 is all about World War II and the impact of the war on the people of Britain. We will explore why the war began and how it ended and why we refer to it as a 'world war.' Can your child remember any 'sticky learning facts' about the war?