Middleton St Mary's CE (VC) Primary School

Welcome to Year 2

On behalf of the team, I would like to welcome you to Year 2.  Mrs Thresh will soon leave us in January to have her baby, Miss Marshall will become Willow's Class Teacher. 

We hope that your child really enjoys Year 2. Remember that you can come and speak to any one of us after school if you are worried or concerned about anything. The only night that we might say 'no' is on a Wednesday as we have to be in a staff meeting!  If you are unable to speak in person, please call the school office and arrange an appointment/phone call back after school.

Some children will find this year difficult. The transition from Year 1 to Year 2 is hard for some children, and others fly, please do not worry, this is normal. The pace of work does increase and there is less of a focus on 'learning through play'. Do not worry, we will personalise learning with a focus on your child's needs. 

Year 2 is a very important year. It is the final year of Key Stage 1 (the infants), and next year, your child will be in Key Stage 2 (the juniors) so we need to work really hard and 'iron out' those non-negotiables in every thing we do. In May, your child will carry out SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) and these will be formally recorded by the school. Non-negotiables are the things that we MUST be able to do before the end of Year 2. We want to try to encourage these every time we work (and at home with homework and learning tasks) but do not worry if your child cannot yet do these things. Start on perfecting the Year 1 non-negotiables before moving onto the Y2 ones. These are the expectations for Year 2 children at the end of Year 2 across the country. Let's work on these together!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are concerned about your child's learning or would like to know how to support your child at home more and help them to progress further. We do hold Parents' Pupil Progress Meetings three times a year (October, February, July) to invite you in to look at your child's work and discuss their learning and behaviours to learning with their class teachers but if you need to speak in between, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office.                                                                                                                             

Mrs S Marston, KS1 Assistant Head 


In writing our non-negotiables are:

Important Days



Both classes will have gymnastics in the hall on a Wednesday. We will provide the house t-shirts and children will need to bring in their black or navy shorts.


Both classes will have outdoor PE on Fridays. Children may come to school in their PE clothes on this day (any grey/black/navy joggers, jumper/hoodie, t-shirt-and trainers, but no football shirts).



Tuesday afternoons.

Useful websites to support your child's learning

Remember, the best way to support your child with reading is to listen to them read and to read to them as often as possible. Below are links to some useful websites that can also support your child's learning. For further suggestions and support, please don't hesitate to speak to one of the Y2 team.


English and Maths games







We have recently started using Read Write Inc to teach phonics. By clicking on the link below you'll find a series of  videos explaining the basics of Read Write Inc. These videos will help you to support your child to continue their phonics learning at home.



Speaking and Listening

We also recommend you download the 'Talk Share Learn Leeds' App which will give you some practical tips for ways to develop your child's speaking and listening.


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