Middleton St Mary's CE (VC) Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) at Middleton St Mary’s

At Middleton St Mary’s we entwine the teaching of RE, understanding of the major world faiths and spiritual understanding through RE lessons and worship. Children are given opportunities to reflect upon their beliefs and the beliefs of others whilst reflecting upon our Christian school values. Children reflect on what it means to have a faith and consider their own spiritual understanding.


It is important to consider the impact that religions have on communities. We develop children’s knowledge of this by visiting places of worship, engaging in Harvest Festival by collecting food for our local food bank, listening to daily worships and participating in workshops with the charity 'Hand to Mouth'.


Religious Education is a key opportunity for children to develop morally, spiritually, socially and culturally. In RE, RSHE and our collective worship programme, children can reflect on their personal, and others, response to issues. Children can consider the answers offered by faith groups to questions of meaning and purpose, problems within society and their own experiences.


British values are explored within collective worship and linked with RE curriculum, where appropriate. These include; tolerance, respect, democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty. These link closely with our school rules; be safe, be ready and be respectful. As well as our Christian values as a school: honesty, faith, respect, learning and responsibility.

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